Am I a digital hoarder?

Just think so, at least I risk seriously to become one – have all the characteristics needed: often from five up to fifteen tabs open at the same time in my browser page. Tons of saved files (web-pages, videos, music tracks, Word documents, photos and programms) in my external hard-disc, the most of them never read nor used once again since I stocked them in place with great projects in mind. A messy and too long list of favourites, which I’m not able to pass through as frequently as I’d like to. Dozens of “to do” notes, drafts and other memoranda spread all around.
Exactly as I’m doing in my so called “real life”, also in my digital one I want, strongly want to become a minimalist. The ways to achieve a more tidy and relaxed management of it are many, but surely the first and most important “[…] advice is to take it day by day. […] you can clean out your hard drive the same way you would go about cleaning a closet in your bedroom. Make a list of things you can get rid of and a list of things you can’t live without. Then set aside a few hours every month to make the purge”.


About his former life as a successful manager (and hoarder), Graham Hill wrote that “[…] somehow stuff ended up running my life, or a lot of it; the things I consumed ended up consuming me.
[…] My life was unnecessarily complicated.
[…] Intuitively, we know that the best stuff in life isn’t stuff at all, and that relationships, experiences and meaningful work are the staples of a happy life.
I like material things as much as anyone. I studied product design in school. I’m into gadgets, clothing and all kinds of things. But my experiences show that after a certain point, material objects have a tendency to crowd out the emotional needs they are meant to support”.
We all should consider our digital stuff not different than our material properties, and its effects upon our global health, in a special way our psychic health, the very same. For an instance, I noticed long ago that my writing can be affected by a form of excessive production, due to my need for approval, appreciation and… human warmth. Yeah, that’s it. So it’s not so different for me to sit down and publish a new post, rather than keep close to me and don’t let go of my old (and unuseful) school books.

So as long as you’re stuck in front of your pc reading me, you may think of getting started your spring cleaning right from its content.
You will also obtain to speed it up.
Tempted? Try and see what’s up also in the “digital detox” section of the articles Minimo (an italian / english minimalist blog) scooped. The confessions of a digital hoarder may help too. Wish you good luck!


3 thoughts on “Am I a digital hoarder?

  1. Sono attratto dal minimalismo. Anzi, credo di averne bisogno. Vorrei una guida persomalizzata. Un problema è che parecchie cose non sono mie…

  2. Miss, addirittura… mi lusinghi troppo! 😉
    Magari non proprio maestra, ma appassionata senz’altro.
    E qualcosa da trasmettere in fondo ce l’ho.
    Grazie mille per l’apprezzamento dell’inglese, mi fai davvero felice.
    Non so com’è che questo post m’è uscito così, ma non sarà l’ultimo, sicuro 🙂
    (E finalmente ho trovato una beta-reader per le mie storie: ora ho una spalla su cui contare per le correzioni).

    Sandro, mi piacerebbe potertela fornire, quella guida.
    Personalizzata è difficile, non solo siamo lontani ma non ti conosco abbastanza.
    Però… se hai argomenti o quesiti che ti stuzzicano particolarmente, fammi un fischio.
    Quanto al fatto che chi è in coppia o in famiglia debba giustamente considerare anche l’altro, non solo come “possessore” di oggetti ma anche come portatore di abitudini e stili di pensiero; questo è un grosso nodo di cui in effetti si discute parecchio.
    Può essere un problema, può essere un aspetto stimolante della ri-scoperta di alcune pratiche come l’autoproduzione… di sicuro comunque non è qualcosa di banale. Senza voler essere troppo drastica, tendo a credere che non si possa vivere da minimalisti singolarmente: o in coppia lo si è entrambi (quantomeno, uno lanciato e l’altro che non fa resistenza ma si lascia un po’ attrarre e guidare), oppure non c’è trippa per gatti. La coppia scoppia – a meno che quella del minimalismo non sia un’infatuazione, proprio come fosse una donna.

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